Malawi: in Mangochi, Zomba, and Mua

Four great days in rural Malawi, in Mangochi, Zomba, and Mua. Schools in Mangochi celebrated in anticipation of thousands of Books for Africa books coming in a few weeks, and the Dean of Chancellor College School of Law showed us where the new library will be. Friends Trywell and Mwaona and Henry Solomon (my Malawi twin brother) had good talks and good times, and an intense game of spoons last night. Life is blessed!
In Mangochi, we visited Mtonda Secondary School and Nasenga Secondary School, both of which will be receiving books soon from Books for Africa as part of the same container that will have the law library for Chancellor College. It was great to see a copy of the World Book Encyclopedia, atlas, and dictionary previously placed by Books for Africa in conjuction with the Malawi Rotary Clubs! The schools are closed for break, so there were no classes being held, but we had a fun time playing counting games with a hundred of the village kids.
Nansenga has World Book from Books for Africa

Nansenga has World Book from Books for Africa


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    Happy Birthday to Jeff!


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