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After days in rural KwaZulu Natal we drove North and spent a day in Johannesburg, including Soweto.  Soweto stands for the South West Township of Johannesburg.  Started under the Apartheid regime government as a Black township.  Some townships were started as eviction sites others with residents building their own houses.  In 1956 the year I was born, they laid out townships in ethnic groups.

We checked out a future B&B site at Magora\’s B&B 4009 Senaoane St Orlando East, Soweto, Gauteng or

We drove by some very sad situations with high density per site to well kept sophisticated homes.  We walked by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Madela’s homes on the same street in Orlando.

Vilakazi St Orlando West Soweto

We stopped by the Orlando East public library where Victor Mphela is the Head Librarian.

Visited Regina Mundi Catholic Church where many activists had meetings during the Apartheid era.

Drove near the power station cooling towers where they now do bungee jumping, then to see the Hector Pieterson Monument, it reminded me of Maya Lin’s Civil Rights Memorial in Alabama.

Regina Mundi bungee jumping18 hole

Drove by the 18 hole golf course.

It seems no one really knows how many or how large the Greater Soweto area is as everyone gives a different answer.    Anywhere around 1,300,000 people.

We walked around the freedom charter monument, in Kliptown.  Here we came just as an armored truck with guard stood in his flak vest with gun to insure that the bank money went to the correct place.

On the monument one of the statements says:  Teachers shall have all the rights of other citizens.

Freedom Charter in Kiptown

Across the way was a sculpture in wood  no title maybe I will research it

ANC charter in Kiptown
The redemption of the new constitution isn’t about getting back to where they were before Apartheid but it is a new direction with the scars of the lost – a new change.  This is where Africa Classroom Connection is active in the redemption with the education of the young people in South Africa by supporting communities in building schools.

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